Concrete prospects for the development of tourism through the manifold declinations of the concept of wild, different paths to travel in the saddle and the first public stage of a new highway, which unites the various Municipalities of the Langa del Sole, in addition to the recovery of culture and the authentic essence of the Langhe. There are really many suggestions that Servaj festival has left in the Langa of the ridge, the Langa del Sole, after three days full of experiences.

On Thursday 26 September, over 140 people attended the international conference, listening, thanks to simultaneous translation, the reports by Professor Carlos Duarte Coelho Peixeira Marques, Professor at the Universidade de Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, by dr. Julio Grande Ibarra and Dr. Luca Santini, who illustrated how the concept of wildness was fundamental for the development of tourism in the Casentino forest park, in the Douro valley, in different areas of Spain, which the Sepinum agency involved in projects of economic development.

In the afternoon, during a round table between administrators, owners of stables and receptive structures, the potential of equitable tourism in the Langa del Sole was explored, starting from the first mapped paths, around the Municipality of Diano and between San Bovo di Castino and the Municipality of Diano d’Alba.

San Sebastiano leveling, where a useful stopping place for those wishing to take a break with their horse has been created these days, welcomed about dense delegations of Dianese primary and middle school children, who were busy in the morning and in the afternoon in educational seminars dedicated to hawks, day and night birds of prey and horses.

But the building of the Loisirs of Count Rangone also turned into a multimedia exhibition space, with a dozen screens that told the many environmental, landscape and cultural realities of the Langa del Sole, and also welcomed a photographic exhibition, in which they were 20 images on display, selected from over 180 shots received at the #Servajfestival contest.

Evening readings, guided tours of the eighteenth-century country mansion, which still betrays the original origin of a convent, and so much music accompanied the evening of September 27th, while on Saturday September 28th they returned to excel, in the first part of day, outdoor experiences, attended by over 200 people. There are more than 150 visitors, young and old, who have experienced the thrill of riding in the saddle to travel along some of the traced rings or the long ridge route to the Pavaglione hill, the scenic route up to the Belvedere di Diano or the simple rod designed for ponies. And the book of thoughts, at the entrance, was filled with those emotions, phrases, reflections, quotations or even simple signatures and hearts, left by the friends of Servaj.

In the evening, the magic of Renaissance musical instruments, which luthier Michele Sangineto had presented on the 26th during the conference, touched the strings of the spirit calling for laughter and dances, soliciting thunderous applause. More than 150 dancers who, enthralled by Lyra Danz, Quba Libre and ancient Sangineto violin-makers transformed the pavilion and the lawn in the park into a large, unique party hall, while at sunset the Renaissance choir of the Famija Albèisa was the protagonist of a delicate cameo performing sophisticated and popular scores, sincere and “resounding” witnesses of Italian and European musical and folk culture.

The numbers of the Servaj Festival

  • Over 800 participants
  • 3 equestrian centers directly involved and 2 partner equestrian centers
  • 3 new paths identified
  • Over 150 visitors climbed into the saddle
  • About 50 horses stopped at Spianamento San Sebastiano
  • 1 falconer master intervened with a dozen birds of prey
  • 3 musical groups were the protagonists of the evening of September 28th
  • 1 exhibition of numerous Renaissance musical instruments has fascinated the public
  • A dozen groups took part in the guided tours inside the building
  • Over 180 shots received at the #ServajFestival photo contest
  • About 50 hikers participated in trekking among the Soris